Data Professional Is More Than Just a DBA

I wrote a piece yesterday about how there are many facets to being a data professional and you can read it here:

I am often sought out for advice on being a DBA, or getting into a job role that involves data. The post gives a rough idea about the variety that exists. It also points out the shift I have seen over the past 15 years in IT.

There used to be a time that every company had their own group of developers or systems teams that were responsible for creating, updating, and maintaining existing code. Over the past 15 years a lot of those systems have been replaced with third party software. You know, vendor applications that come pre-package and as a DBA you are asked (or told) to “make it work”.

With the purchase of that software there wasn’t as much of a need to have your own developers. Lots of those jobs were lost. But they were replaced by folks that knew how to move data, how to integrate systems together. In my post I call them the Manufacturer, but they are also the DBA.

So, fewer designers and developers perhaps, but an increase in Manufacturing, which includes ETL, reporting, and business analytics.

And those roles continue to be in demand.

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