Performance Monitor

How often do you use a performance monitor? No, not that performance monitor, I am talking about someone you trust to give you thoughtful advice on your career as a DBA.

Most DBAs have their performance review given by someone that has little to no understanding of what it means to be a DBA. We are often given career advice that has little to nothing to do with our career goals, because the manager hasn’t bothered to take the time to ask you what it is you want to accomplish in your career. Most managers not only have little value when it comes to career advice but they offer little value when it comes to motivating the people that work underneath them.

So, who do you turn to? I hope the answer is a mentor. If you don’t have a mentor, go get one. Find someone that knows what it is like to be a DBA and can offer you some advice. Most likely this will be someone outside your office, but sometimes you can get lucky and find a coworker to fill this role.

Just go get one, and soon. You’ll find yourself in a better place.

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