When Alerts Have No Value

You’ve spent weeks or months building out your monitoring solution. When it is up and running for the first time you are excited because you get alerts. These alerts allow you to be proactive, and to fix problems before your customers know the problems exist.

Soon enough the volume of alerts increases, like a tidal surge. You don’t notice the increase right away, but it is there. There are two things that will happen next:

  1. You ignore/delete the alerts, because you cannot take action on them.
  2. You create a rule to file the alerts in a folder somewhere for review later.

If you are at this point then take a moment to go back and evaluate the value of the alert itself. If you cannot take action, do you really need an email to be sent? If you are filing them for later (perhaps creating a paper trail), do you really need that in an email?

This is the point where the alert you create, something with enormous value originally, no longer holds any value.

Just turn them off. I bet you will find less stress and feel more productive at the end of the day.

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