The “Come Back” Price

The idea of a “come back” price is simple: you set the price for a customer so that they will be compelled to come back. Sometimes you set a price so low that you may not make any money (or even lose money) but the idea is that you will create a loyal customer that will hopefully engage their friends in some word-of-mouth advertising for you. If you are lucky you will get many more customers, who will buy other products that you do make money on, and who will also tell their friends about your store.

So, as a DBA, what is your “come back” price. What are the things you do for your end users that make them want to come back, or to tell their friends? Part of being a DBA Survivor is all about how well you manage your relationships with everyone around you.

What is your come back price? What do you do to make people want to come back to work with you again?

And will they bring a friend?

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