Lessens From the Cloud

Recently there was an outage with one of the major Cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS). My company uses Get Satisfaction, which was hit by the outage. We got an email apologizing for the interrupted service along with a promise to “get under the hood” to understand more about how this can be avoided in the future. When I read that my first thought was “why didn’t you already understand what was going on under the hood?”

Now, compare that to the email I got from Netflix regarding the AWS outage. Wait a minute…I didn’t get an email? Is that because they didn’t feel the need to send me one? No, it’s because they didn’t have any downtime as a result of the AWS outage. And the reason why is because they already knew what was going on under the hood.

I am a big advocate of the Cloud, I really am. But I a bigger advocate for knowing more about what I am building, and understanding what it means to have a single point of failure.

I want you to do the same. Just ask yourself a simple question: “what if?” Try it. Go ahead and say “what if this server fails”, and run through the different scenarios. If your company is providing a service that requires uptime make certain you have the right solution in place, and not just the promise of the right solution.

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  1. Cole Says:

    “What if?” scenarios are quaint, they have their limited usefulness. Although, they will never completely mirror the real life disaster scenario, and in some instances even exacerbate the issue. It always seems to be the “minor thing” that is overlooked…

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