Being Open

As a DBA, you need to be able to help educate developers with regards to good database practices. But this is only useful if the developer has an open mind to new things. I recall one time when I pointed out that a cursor was not the best solution for a particular update process and was met with the response “How do you expect me to do row-by-row processing without using a cursor?”

Being open is key to moving forward as a database professional. But this is a two way street. For all the times we desire to have a developer present an open mind, we also need to ask ourselves if we are being open.

How do you react if a developer wants to try something new? What about if the server team needs to change something? Are you being open with them?

Never forget to treat others the way you want to be treated. If you are open with others, you will find that they will be open with you.

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