Vince Lombardi once said “Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.”

So does success. Once you have success, it becomes a habit as well. The trouble here is when you have had success and you hit a “bump in the road”, so to speak. Sometimes life doesn’t take you in the direction you thought you were heading.

How do you react then? Do you quit? Probably not. Do you dig in your heels and force the action further, to the point that you alienate the people around you that are there trying to help? You might, especially if you are in the habit of succeeding.

The trick is to know when to dig in, and when to let go. Not every battle is worth fighting. If you have been successful before, you will be successful again. It doesn’t matter about those bumps in the road. They are just there to let you know the ground is still beneath your feet, and you decide which direction your feet will take you.

6 Responses to “Quitting”

  1. Ali Razeghi Says:

    Boy what a good point! I look back on the times that I’ve ‘quit’ in my personal and professional life, and these words ring true as ever. Jr’s who are contemplating ‘quitting’, DON’T! Not unless you’re sure it’s the right reason. Follow through with all the MCM training available, all these blogs, there’s almost no problem that hasn’t been discussed.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Tom LaRock Says:

    Thanks Ali!

  3. Karo Kilfeather Says:

    Exactly what I am trying to teach myself right now. It’s SO easy to get discouraged over minor setbacks, but they’re rarely a good reason to give up for good.

  4. Tom LaRock Says:


    Exactly the point. It’s funny how we are all successful at things and yet one little setback can really throw us off. Most people don’t realize how one step backwards can really be two steps forward.

  5. Marlon Ribunal Says:

    “Sometimes life doesn’t take you in the direction you thought you were heading.”

    …So true. I am on it right now 🙁

  6. Tom LaRock Says:


    Don’t worry, I am hopeful that whatever path you are on is for the best!

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