It’s Magic

Chances are your end users have no idea what a DBA does for work. There is even a good chance that your boss has no idea what you do for work, just that “well, we need a DBA, right?” You are magic.

As such you get requests from people and to them it is just that: a request. To the end user there is no difference in asking for a word document or a data warehouse. As long as they get it by their deadline then they are happy.

You are the magic that allows for it all to happen. And no one cares about the effort it takes to get things done, they just want it done.

It is up to you to help manage those expectations. Sometimes magicians want to keep the audience entranced with their show. Other times magicians like to show how the tricks are done.

Which magician are you?

2 Responses to “It’s Magic”

  1. Michael J Swart Says:

    To stretch the metaphor, I’ve noticed that even when you show the smoke machine and the mirrors, the audience still wants you to be the one to make the assistant disappear and are just as happy to let you continue doing it.

    So I’m happy to show how the tricks are done to those who are keen and curious enough.

    So put me in with the Penns and Tellers of the DB world.

  2. @SacSQLDude Says:

    I like to equate myself to more of a Bar-Back. Not simply because I enjoy an occasional drink, but because we keep the shelves full, the glasses clean, the bartenders happy and in return we might get a small percentage of the tips at the end of the night.

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