You’re Welcome

Recently I was at the St. Louis SQL Server User Group giving my Performance Tuning Made Easy talk. The talk was broadcast live. I didn’t know it was going to be done live until I arrived, otherwise I would have told people about it beforehand. With the live broadcast came the ability for participants to chat with each other. I, however, could not respond in the chat room, because I was giving my talk.

After the talk was done I was given the transcript of the chat. Inside there was this gem:

“Thanks for all ur work Tom, thanks to u I’ll either be a full time DBA next month or a full time SA (Citrix) in an enterprise level environment, ur book and SQLSAT talk were a big part of that jump”

You’re welcome.

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  1. Tom Strike Says:

    Hi Tom, it’s full time SA and VMWare rather than Citrix. A big part of my making this move now instead of when I felt ready was your advice in DBASurvivor to not wait until you thought you were ready. I took a chance, put out resume’s and I’m going to work for IBM on April 4th. I’ll post an update and describe my process in a blog post right after I start. Thanks again for all you do for the community.


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