What Are You Judged By Most Often?

I like asking people this question. Often times I am told that they are judged by home much work they can do, or how well things perform. No one ever answers correctly, which always surprises me.

There is only one thing you are judged by as a DBA: time.

No one cares what you have done, or what you will do. The only thing they will consistently ask, no matter what the situation is this: how long will it take for you to get this done?

And the task doesn’t matter to them either. They could ask for a word document, for a training manual, or for a data warehouse to be built. It is all magic to them. All they want to know is ‘how long’?

And you can give them an answer, complete with a detailed plan as to how long and why it will take x number of days. But if it is even 1 hour longer than what they need they will push back and simply say “make it faster”.

And often times it is just not possible.

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