I Didn’t Know You Were Reading

As I close out the year I wanted to say “thanks” to everyone that has come to me in the recent months to tell me they enjoyed the book. Honestly, I didn’t know anyone was reading it. I still remember telling a close friend that “I doubt a hundred people would ever want to buy a copy”. Boy, was I wrong! We went over a thousand copies fairly quickly this year and sales are still going strong.

After I joined Confio Software back in June I was on the road a bit more and interacting with the SQL community. Many database professionals would come up to me and ask me to sign a copy of the book or just to tell me how much they enjoyed reading it or my blog. I am very happy to know that my words have helped others. And that my words will help even more people in the future.

Honestly, knowing that what I write helps make a difference is one of the things that keeps me writing. When I get those words of encouragement while traveling it usually makes me want to go back to my room and crank out a few pages of…well…anything.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful holiday and see you in 2011.

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