PASS 2010 Summit Review

Just got back from the PASS Summit and it is safe for me to say that it was the best Summit ever. Why? For starters, my book was in the bookstore!

Hard to believe, but it’s true! I was quite excited to see my book laying among all the other wonderful books. And I was flattered by the number of people that came up to ask me to sign their copy of my book. I also received some emails last week thanking me for writing.

I have come to realize that DBA Survivor is not just my story but also the story of thousands of other database professionals. Whenever someone stops me to say ‘thank you’ it reminds me that no matter how different we may seem we are all really the same deep down. We want to be treated with respect, we want to do our very best at our job, and we want to live a long and healthy life.

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