Nashville DBA Survivor Presentation

I had the opportunity to present a talk last weekend at the SQL Saturday event in Nashville. The organizers arranged for me to give my talk at the start of the day, and put me up against some advanced sessions. The idea was that if people were looking for an introductory session that mine would be the easy choice.

The talk was received well enough. It was a little different venue than I am used to. We held the talk in the cafeteria. That meant the acoustics would be slightly different, the screen was a little smaller, and people would be prone to distractions as other people walked by (or, as they loaded food and drinks onto tables). I tried to use all of that to my advantage in some way and I would like to think I succeeded as the overall rating for my talk was a 4.5 on a 1-5 scale with 5 being ‘great’.

Afterwards I had eleven people ask for a copy of my book and I hope to be able to get them each a copy as my way of saying ‘thanks for coming’. I did have a few people ask if I had copies of my book for purchase, but I didn’t. And I doubt I will ever bring books to such an event and charge people for them. That’s just not my style. When I go to events like this I will bring a few copies to give away as prizes, but I will not be charging money.

All in all I think the talk went very well.

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