MidnightDBA Podcast

My book was mentioned in a recent Midnight DBA podcast. Sean and Jen had Jorge Segarra (blog | twitter) and Denny Cherry (blog | twitter) as guests in their hotel room and the four of them had a brief chat about how there are not very many opportunities in our industry for apprenticeships. I was very fortunate to have a mentor take me under his wing when I was getting started as a DBA, but not everyone is as lucky. I share my story (and a few others) in Chapter One of DBA Survivor.

The idea of an apprenticeship also led to a very interesting comment, and that was: companies want to hire junior DBAs with a wealth of experience. About the only thing ‘junior’ with regards to the job position is the salary, because the job requirements are usually so long that only a mid- to senior level DBA would have all of the necessary skills. So, where does one go to get that experience?

Well, I actually talk about that in chapters 1 and 8 of the book, DBA Survivor. I discuss how you can get yourself prepared to find a job as a DBA and where to find the necessary additional training. Face it, companies are always going to ask for everything under the Sun when they post a job listing for a DBA. You will need to first build up those skills and then keep those skills sharp if you are to position yourself to land that job. My book can help you to understand what steps you need to take in order to make it all happen.

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