Book Reviewers Wanted!

My publisher, Apress, has asked me if I know of anyone that is interested in doing a review of my upcoming book. They will mail you a copy of the book, yours to keep, in exchange for you writing a review.

So, anyone interested in getting a free copy of my book? If so, fill out the contact form, including your mailing address, and I will get your info over to Apress. Once the book is printed you should be receiving a copy.

8 Responses to “Book Reviewers Wanted!”

  1. Rogelio Abel Dewar Martinez Says:

    As an aspiring mexican RockStar SQL Server DBA, i’m completely interested on reviewing your book. Hope you consider my humble request.
    Thanx in advance.
    You Rock Dude.

  2. Tom LaRock Says:

    no problem, just fill out the contact form and leave your mailing address. and thanks!

  3. Cathy Dempsey Says:

    Judging from the product description on amazon, this sounds like the kind of book I could’ve used a few years ago when I had to wing it as a newbie DBA in a small company. I had done a fair amount of datawarehouse developing previously (in large companies with whole teams of DBAs), but working w/ DBAs is not the same as being one!

  4. Tom LaRock Says:

    thanks Cathy.

  5. ra_dewar Says:

    btw… I agree. Bacon OWNS.

  6. Shawn Melton Says:

    I am part of a Microsoft User Group that actually has registered with Apress to do book reviews, and would be more than willing to review your material. Amazon has already sent me an email stating I need to order it, since I ordered Christian Bolt’s book as well.

  7. Tom LaRock Says:

    wonderful, thanks Shawn!

  8. Sarah Says:

    I’d love to read your book and write you a review.

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