Voting is Complete

OK, the community has spoken, and these are the three finalists:

“I finally found a view in this company that I don’t have to maintain…”-BrentO
“This mural IS pretty life-like, but I still miss working above ground.” -Jordan Bullock
“Ok, who put the datacenter up here on the 35th floor??” -Troy Gallant

I am going to pick one of these as a winner, once I figure out how and where to display the quote on the website.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

2 Responses to “Voting is Complete”

  1. T. Brown Says:

    I really like the third one about the datacenter being on the 35th floor. Par for the course, eh?

    Good luck with your choice!

  2. Tatyana Says:

    Ha! I encountered the exact same issue only a coplue months back. A 2GB database, regular log file backups and 90GB odd log file!The customer had changed or removed mirroring from the database a long time ago, but the database was still in a state that it thought it needed to keep them around.

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